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The first four generations in New France
1640 - 1800

Alphonse de BAILLONLouise de MERLE

Catherine de BAILLON

f a m i l y
Children with:
Jacques MIVILLE dit des CHESNES

Marie-Catherine MIVILLE
Marie-Claude MINVILLE
Charles (the oldest) MIVILLE-MAINVILLE
Charles (The youngest) MIVILLE
Catherine de BAILLON
  • Born: ABT 1645, Montfort-l'Amaury Ile de France, outside Paris
  • Married 12 NOV 1669, Notre Dame de Quebec, Québec (Duquet Contract October 19, 1669), to Jacques MIVILLE dit des CHESNES
  • Died: 27 JAN 1688, Riviere-Ouelle, Kamouraska County PQ

  • Notes for Catherine de Baillon:

    Prior to 1663 the majority of women who arrived in Canada were married to one of the settlers or were single women who came looking for a husband. These single women were few in number and often paid their own passage to Canada by a contract of indenture. In 1663 when King Louis XIV became concerned with populating the colony of New France. He directed a recruitment of women to be sent to Canada.

    Once chosen, the girl was given passage, clothing, and personal necessities. She was also given a dowry of 59 livres if she married a soldier or habitant. She was given 100 livres if she married an officer. Of the nearly 1000 women who undertook the journey, about 800 made it to Canada. These women arrived between 1663 and 1673. There distinction of being a King's Daughter is noted by the marriage contract which showed the dowry from the king.

    Catherine de Baillon, wife of Jacques Miville dit Deschenes, was such an individual. She came with a 1000 livres dowry and was considered to be be born from an upper class family. Her ancestory can now be traced back to Charlemagne and the 7th century.


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